The world, story and characters of VAMPIRE WEDDING – UNTIL DEATH DO US BITE, were created by writer/director/producer Robert Huttinger in 2007. One year before the Twilight series of vampire films hit the screens worldwide, Robert foresaw the global renaissance of the vampire genre and decided to put his latest creation to test with audiences.

From the very beginning, VAMPIRE WEDDING was conceived as a trans-media project, with a planned multi platform release as a novel, a comic magazine and as a TV and feature film series. With the development process in full gear, Robert was able to get legendary comic artist Eduardo Barreto, who is well known for his work for Marvel and DC, on board as the lead artist. Eduardo’s work includes Superman, Batman, Star Wars, Marvel Knights, Aliens vs. Predators and Indiana Jones.

Sadly, in December 2011, just a few months after commencing work on the first batch of comic pages, Eduardo unexpectedly passed away. This put the production of the VAMPIRE WEDDING comic series on hold indefinitely.

Below are the initial sample comic pages by Eduardo Barreto. With his work, Eduardo not only helped to define the tonality and style of the VAMPIRE WEDDING comic series, but also produced some of his final artwork:


Vampire Wedding Panels #4

Vampire Wedding Panels #5

Vampire Wedding Panels #6

Vampire Wedding Panels #7

Vampire Wedding Panels #8



The cover art for the first issue of the comic series was created by Franke, a Vienna based illustrator. Franke has worked for production companies all over the world, and specializes in production design, concept art, characters and storyboards.

Vampire Wedding poster by Robert Huttinger and Franke



In September 2016, comic artist Claudio Moreno contacted Robert. Claudio has collaborated with Eduardo Barreto on the initial sample pages. He was responsible for some of the pencils and ink, as well as all the coloring. Claudio has worked with Eduardo on Batman, Superman, Judge Parker, Sword of Venus, and many more. A pencil test was arranged and not surprisingly, Claudio’s style proved to be the perfect match. With all the pieces in place, it was quickly decided that Claudio will pick up from where Eduardo left, and pencil, ink and color the VAMPIRE WEDDING comic pages.

The first issue of the VAMPIRE WEDDING comic mini series is aimed for a release in autumn 2017.

Until then, it’s write or DIE!

Vampire Wedding new comic series announcement by Robert Huttinger and Claudio Moreno


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