Vampire Queen Angelyne and her evil vampire bridesmaids stole Sophia’s wedding itinerary. Help Sophia to collect the WEDDING DRESS, the WEDDING CAKE, the WEDDING BOUQUET and the WEDDING WINE to complete each level. A yellow arrow directs her to the four items.

To play VAMPIRES ON ICE you need a browser that supports HTML5. The latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera or Internet Explorer are supported.


Turn left by pressing the LEFT CURSOR key and right by pressing the RIGHT CURSOR key.

Throw holy water bombs at Angelyne and her vampire bridesmaids by pressing the SPACE key. The bridesmaids take two hits and Angelyne takes five before they turn to dust.

The bats slow Sophia down for three seconds. Holding the CTRL key makes Sophia go faster.

Sophia gains additional lives by picking up the three VW icons in each level.

Press P to pause the game and S to continue

Press S to start the game

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