James Coard

Hi i'm James and i'm a Plymouth University student studying Film & Television. I'm currently living in Exeter at the moment (due to my work outside of Higher Education). I'm a writer, actor, 'comedian' and musician. Over the past few years I have quite a number of projects under my belt such as The Many Faces Of James Coard, The Many Voices Of Mr Coard, Change The Record, Fools Gold, The Cotter & Coard Show, Set The Coardinates, The Tales Of Bloody Springs, The Isabella Incident, Casanova's Escape, Man On The Run, Tracker Island and They're Coming (i've just finished filming it and it's now the BBC Radio Devon website) + I've even had a part in the theatre production Agatha Christie: Witness for the Prosecution.

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James Coard, 22, England, UK.


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